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Secondary Education


Check Out What 2 SHS Students Were Caught On Camera Doing…

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The fact that there is no proper care to minimize indecency and sexual related issues in education to the minimum level is a major slap in the face of the education system.

It is alarming that students in the secondary schools, especially the public schools, are behaving immorally in recent times.

As the 2021 newly SHS3 students complete school after writing their final exams, some second year students were caught on camera doing the unthinkable in class.

Two unidentified SHS2 students were caught on camera making love to each other in clandestineness. The name of the school is not yet known.

It is very appalling to see young boys and girls at this age to be engaging in such act. And hope better measures and sanctions are enacted to deter other students from also getting involved.

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