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My teacher told me I was going to be a failure in life ~Chairman Wontumi

No one knows what would happen the next minute or tomorrow. It is only God who determines the fate of all. Apart from God determining our fate, we play an important role in the wellbeing of our lives. Our success in life depends on only two entities, God and us, nobody can make your life better. There is this perception among many people in Ghana. A lot believes that, prayer alone can change our lives, but that is not exactly the case. Prayer without works is dead.

Life is full of uncertainties and its only God who is capable of determining someone's life. 

According to chairman Wontumi, he was a slow learner at school but sharp in picking certain things up. His teacher thought his inability to perform well in class was going to affect him in life. But he disputed his teacher's claims and boldly told the teacher he was going to be successful in life.

''I was good in handling money and I used to save money in a susu box when I was a child ''

You can fast and pray for God to bring money from above, but that would never happen. The days of MANA are over. Man must work hard in the other to survive.

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Ghana Wontumi


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