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GNAT has good news for teachers but this has a lot of teachers talking about it

Ghana National Association Teachers (GNAT) has promised all teachers, particularly its members, that it will fight for a significant percentage increase during the Bargaining Day that will be held in Accra on Thursday, 22nd April 2021 to determine the 2021 “National Daily Minimum Wage”. This is a piece of good news for Teachers…

Below are some comments made by teachers after seen the information on the teacher's facebook platform.

Uthman Babangida

Apuuuuuuuuu think of why teachers take too much loans or why they can’t give 200 cedis for free or why they can’t afford land of Ten thousand Ghana cedis in their villages. Not talking of higher salaries.

Godwin Ofori - Evangelist

Teaching is rather becoming a boring and disrespectful profession in Ghana. Every single Ghanaian knows best. It's a fact

Elijah K Mensah

God will punish Gnat for saying that......the most annoying job in Ghana

Dodoo Macdonald

You will rant over here then when it's time to bargain, then you go to bed with the government

Stephen Agyekum

Adanko daadaa adoii, even the government knew this is impossible. 1st May is coming and they know workers will make noise so let start something after Mayday they will relax.

Sampuo Hillia Banyuasumah Sumaila

You can only talk when you meet the press but very dump on negotiating table. Why do you hate yourself? Do you know what is happening in our schools? Visit and see for yourselves. So, you have decided to remain silent on our arrears issue, and as a result of that, we are also pretending to be doing our work. Sit there, we will see your real faith tomorrow.

Osikani Sumaila Sule

The minimum wage affects all public workers. GNAT must do something special for its members and stop this promise. Is not within their power.

It seems most teachers have lost their interest in the field of teaching because of some activities and attitudes of both their teacher's union and Ghana Education Services. The truth needs to be told, teachers especially those in the basic level do most of the work in the upbringing of the student but the take-home pay is nothing good. A time will come I think can will need a lot of teachers particularly at the basic level but because of their actions today the results will reflect on tomorrow's generation. Ghana Teachers especially those in the Basic Level Deserve Better. Let all help in making the teaching job lovely and it seeks to achieve its goals for motherland Ghana.

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