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Beautiful SHS Girls Slaying In Uniforms That Will Blow Your Mind

I started high school back in 2015 thinking I was only going there to break my books and pass the final exams. Basically, that is what almost every student has in mind once they set their foot on campus. Here I am, ready to rumble with my books, get six A's and leave the school like a hero should. Well, some people actually achieve all those dreams and some just don't meet their target. But in all, we all carry something new when we are going back home.

A student who could not make six A's will probably go home learning new skills or developing old ones. Say for instance how to talk and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds and how to get along with them. This experience comes in at another stage in life, the working stage where one would have to be involved in team work.

So, aside the basic book learning and passing the final exam, most people actually end up knowing things or getting used to stuff they never signed up for. Therefore we can conclude that, even though high school is a place meant for all the tough studies and examinations, there is much more to it. High school offers much more than just book knowledge, it only depends on how well you take a good look at things happening around you.

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