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NPP Are Bullies Who Know Nothing About Governance: Samuel Gyamfi Speaks

The National Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has recently come out with allegations and criticisms against the current NPP government.

In a recent interview, Samuel Gyamfi spoke about the current strike organized by university teachers with respect to the current government of Ghana.

According to him, it is right for the teachers to do a strike, because the government is not addressing their needs. He said that Akuffo Addo will increase the public sector workers' salary 4% but will increase the salaries of NPP government officials and ministers by 50% and 70%. Yet, they will come out and tell ghanaians to sit tight. He said that the NPP is filled with bullies and when you confront a bully, he attacks harder. However, the leaders of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) are not doing anything because they have been 'cowarded' into the corner by the government.

Moving on he said that Akuffo Addo cannot live like and Arabian king and tell his subjects that the country is suffering. Samuel Gyamfi also said that if you see the number of parties that were held at Nana Addo's house during the holidays, they are uncountable. "They don't know how to govern and know nothing of governance", he stated.

If this is the government we want to rule us, then, what is in store for this country cannot be anything good.

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