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GES: Director General to Advocate for Science Teachers to Earn More Salary

Following Developments from Uganda in the East of Africa, the President of that Country has directed that Science teachers are paid $1164 per month.

This converts to Ghc6, 984 per month. The President indicated that Teachers who teach Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and ICT will be qualified to take the amount monthly.

The development according to the The Uganda National Teachers’ Union (Unatu) secretary-general, Mr Filbert Baguma, questioned the logic of the Cabinet’s recent approval of Ush4m gross monthly salary for science teachers.

Some Individuals within the Ghana Education Service have seen the Development and have called for the Director General of Education to apply such developments in Ghana. They added that such developments will improve the teaching of science and technical related subjects to improve applied science education in the country.

Checks also proved that the Ghana Education Service had approved a similar allowance for teachers which was tagged "Technical Allowance" and Equivalent to 50% of the base salary of teachers, the allowance was supposed to be for teachers who teach technical subjects including Science, Physics, Biology, ICT, Mathematics and Chemistry.

The Ministry of Education has kept silent on the development and almost all teachers have not benefitted from the said technical allowance as approved by parliament in 2010.

The NDC led by late former president Mills had approved the allowance after several demands and requests by staff and stakeholders of Ghana Education Service.

How to get your Technical Allowance, First of all, you'll have to write to your Circuit Supervisor or head of Your SHS, proceed to the District Director with a Copy and to the Regional Director, after writing, the Request shall be checked via your appointment letter, where the course or subject you are teaching is shown, the request shall he forwarded to the director general for final approval and afterwards is shall appear in your payslip.

A teacher who earns Ghc2, 160 Monthly shall earn Ghc 3, 212 after it has been approved.

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