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I failed miserably on Opera News Hub learn from my mistakes and don't avoid them in life

Well who does not want extra money ,expecially when u are a student and need money to buy some items to help with your studies.You can't always be dependent on your parents ,can u?.well my journey as a blogger can help a lot of you avoid some portholes that lead me astray when I ventured into blogging.Well ,I might as well say that this lessons that I learnt can go long way to help everyone irrespective of the fact that you interested in blogging or not.

Well it all began when a friend of mine started posting Opera News Hub articles on his WhatsApp status ,my curious nature tempted me to always click the articles .I will then be directed to the Opera website , I always took my time to read through his articles because he was a good friend of mine and we grew up together. So one day I ask him about Opera news and that was where the actual introduction started. He convinced me to actually create an account and writing articles,he told me that I will end extra money by doing so because Opera will pay me every month for writing good articles,who does not want money?...😁 I thought it a great opportunity and the fact that I will be paid every month excited me the more to go ahead and create an account.

Within the period of 2020 when the covid 19 was parading and people spent more time on the internet,I created the account ,read the rules and the email they sent me and started writing articles . Well, I am not shy to say that how it started was not quite different from how it has ended .I have passion in technology but I refused to write articles about that. Because each time I opened the Opera news app, I would be notified about trending articles and most of this articles were not about technology. I therefore made up my mind to follow those trends.I downloaded apps from play store and tried to copy and paste the exact articles on those apps and that led to the rejection of most of my articles,very few went through though but didn't get I attention I thought I would have gotten.


I went on to download more news app such as Ghana Web,BBC etc just to get trending news .well I did get some trending news ,but they performed very poorly usually one to two clicks and that was it...funny right?..😌

I got to realize that on the Hub, everybody is working so hard to create content out of passion and not because they want to get some amount of money though that also counts .....I have learnt that lesson ,I now aim at devoting my free time to write about what I am interested in and not what people are performing at......I hope to perform better since I have identified my mistakes and have been adviced by top bloggers like my friend who introduced me into the hub....u can follow me for anything technology if you are interested..... thanks 😁

#lesson 1.Do it out of passion.

#lesson 2. Don't copy and paste

#lesson 3. It's not about how someone is performing,it is about whether u want it or not..

Few lessons that can get u going in the hub or any business ...

Content created and supplied by: Ayebi (via Opera News )

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