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Plantain Seller's Son Graduates; Celebrate By Going On His Knees To Thank His Mom For Her Sacrifices

Women are the blessings in everyone's life. When one gets a responsible mother, it is a standard blessings that needs to be celebrated.

Young man name Edward whose mother sold cassava and plantain in the market for several years to take care of his education from the primary level to the university finally graduate.

Emotional photos that circulated saw Edward who was nicely dressed in his gown knelt soberly in front of his mother in the market where she has worked many years to raise funds for his school fees and other academic materials.

His mother's sacrifice helped him to be able to also graduate and now can boast as a graduate with a degree from an uneducated and just a plantain seller.

This is very emotional and touching which needs to be celebrated and shared to encourage every woman out there who is also going through the same to help raise her children in school. God really bless mothers who don't give up on their children from irresponsible fathers

Indeed Mothers are special ....God bless every mother!

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