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A question to all: Do they really care now?

After writing multiple of news concerning the difficulties students are facing in Nifa Senior High management are now drawing their attention to these problems because of what I wrote. It's very good though but they shouldn't try to find out who wrote it or who told me the writer, because of such happens I will drop a huge facts, and some secrets about the school and the management to the public and some tip media houses as well with genuine videos and pictures.

I like the attitude of those reading this article of mine. I know I'm doing this to help the students in the school and my aim is not only on Nifa Senior High but I will divert to other senior high schools as well as time goes on.

I only want to hear that things are changing now in the school because I have spies there in Nifa and more to follow.

Well, let's get into the main reason for this article. I have been told now that the water is now flowing fluently at the boys dormitory and that's a wonderful thing to hear as well, indeed I love it. I like the way things are going and more to follow. If these continues I won't write any news about the school.

But my only word is that there are some teachers who acts as of the school is theirs and they are in the school with bungalow adjacent to the administration and the teacher knows himself. Whiles I've used the word "teacher" you are surely aware that I've targeted only one teacher and he should get ready for his.

Later in my next article I will release the name of the teacher to you all.

I'm humbly aware by now some of the management of the school are angry at this writer but please don't okay because it's your own students who are suffering and loyalty to them matters.

I repeat don't try to look for this writer or else. I rest my case.

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