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Fun Time: 'Define A Machine' Wahala

A science teacher was teaching and the topic of discussion was 'Machines'. As a norm in teaching, the teacher brainstorms with the students to get a gist of their understanding of what a machine really is.

So the question posed to the class was "Can anyone define a machine?" A huge number of students raised their hands to answer the question, for they studied the topic ahead of time when the teacher announced it at the end of the last lesson.

However, one student was sitting idle and smiling lovingly to himself. The teacher quickly spotted him amongst his friends who were more than ready to answer the question on the ground, and called him to answer the question.

But before he answered, the teacher first demanded for a reason behind his smile. And the student said that he was just happy to be in school. And the teacher gave him the go-ahead to answer the question. The he gave a succinct answer to question. He said, "A machine is anything that reduces human effort and simplifies work, Sir."

The teacher, not satisfied with the answer given, asked a follow-up question, "Can you please elaborate?" That's where the wahala started. After giving very good practical examples, the student decided to go down to the zip of his trousers pulling it up and down, up down while shouting, "up down...up down...upside down...up down."

The teacher and the entire class started laughing out loud just as you are doing now.

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Fun Time Wahala


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