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Good news for all private school teachers in Ghana.

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Ghana National Council of Private School Teachers is the full meaning of GNACOPS.

GNACOPS is an internal regulatory body for all Private Education practitioners as an umbra boby ,that is proprietors, Headmasters, Teachers,parents, educational consultants and private institutions as one body. And their mission is to develop, preserve and empower member schools with sustainable economic empowerment strategies to promote educational pluralism, so that parents have a choice in the schooling of their children and to provide a coherent voice for private education. Some days back, GES came out to informed the general public that teachers in the public schools are going to received one laptop each. Some of the teachers at the private schools were saying that, they have to received some of the laptops. But now there is good news for all the Private School teachers in Ghana. Ghana National Council of Private Schools has come out to release a statement to give this good news to all the private school teachers in Ghana. 

According to GNACOPS, there is going to be a distribution of state of the art brand new laptops to Pre-tertiary private school teachers in the country. The management of GNACOPS added that, they are doing this to improve teaching and learning in the classrooms.

The Council state that, all stakeholders, proprietors, Headteachers and Administrators will be meeting on 22nd April, 2021, to discuss private school teachers licensing, and they are going to discuss at the meeting the distribution of laptops to private school teachers. GNACOPS concluded that, the meeting will start exactly 9:00 am and it will take place at Kwabenya Community Secondary School. Please share, like and comment on this article. 

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