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Teachers Laptop: Are GNAT, NAGRAT And CCT Putting Teachers Welfare First?

Recently it was revealed that, two other teacher unions, ATAG and Innovative Teachers, had sought interlocutory injunction to stop the distribution and deduction of teachers' money until further notice, GES and KA Technologies had succeeded in deducting teachers' money with all impunity. 

It is important for teachers to know that GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT were solidly behind the procurement of these laptops and are also the owners of KA Technologies Ltd.

According to the PRO of the Ministry of Education, it was these three teacher unions who brought the proposal before the government table including the company, the pricing and the specks.

Two things are at stake here: that GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT wanted TM1 laptops for teachers instead of other known brands. Again, they felt that it is a big opportunity for them to make their life long money. If anyone knows of the leaders of these three unions, then watch out for their damn riches in the near future after this fat looking TM1 laptop contract is over.

It's interesting to realize why in the midst of court case and complain from teachers, GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT had remained quite and they look on sheepishly as GES deduct our monies. They know that TM1 laptop contract is the gateway to their forever breakthrough and they will leave nothing to chance than to push it without shred of concern for the poor teacher.

This matter is very simple and short, if teachers think that GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT will clamp down on the government about this illegal deductions, then we might be dreaming. It will never happen because government continue to say that the three unions agreed that your monies should be deducted. Besides, the three teachers unions always function well when they know that they won't be the direct beneficiaries of government policies.

Without mincing words that GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT leaders are self seeking and this is very evident in the current deduction of ¢509 from our salaries whilst majority of teachers are yet to receiving the laptops. It's interesting, even when teachers are complaining, none of these three unions had even come out with sufficient and better explanations to satisfy their members.

They have already signed a dubious contract on behalf of teachers in the name of 'TEACHER UNIONS' and there's nothing they can do about it. They will reap the booties whilst teachers problem compound day in and day out. It's time teachers begin to understand that these unions have outlived their proper function and are now operating as POLITICAL PARTIES. They are only interested in policies that will benefit them directly and nothing more or less about the ordinary teacher.

What are the teachers doing about it? Everyone should begin to think about this serious situation and make a decision about these unions because their existence only compound our problems.

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