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'Apor' Is Forever - I saw a Man Conjure WASSCE paper in bowl of water.

Students cheat because they have prior knowledge of exam questions for which they prepare 'apor' in advance. But how can this canker be halted with spiritualist parading themselves all over the place?

Exam malpractice with its many angles featuring the popular feature 'apor' is a situation that may never be avoided. It's rather unfortunate that year-in-year-out, we always come back to this issue of students trying to cheat, cheating orchestrated and facilitated by teachers, parents and workers within the examining board itself and more recently my discovery that some spiritualists facilitate this social canker.

Teachers in particular indulge in such vices as a result of pressure because their job, their very survival is always on the line. Pressure from parents, school managers and owners (especially in private institutions) to perform. Pressure to ensure that students who have never done beyond 'Fs' in their terminal exams end up with 'As' in their final exams.

Spirituality has taken over virtually every area of our lives. People are moving all over the world in pursuit of spiritual solutions to their problems. The writing of the final exam (WASSCE and others) which some students perceive as a 'do or die' affair is one area that has seen students looking for spiritual assistance as well.

About 3 years ago in Winneba, I followed a bunch of friends to go and watch this magician perform around the Low-Cost area. He mentioned that he has over the years conjured WASSCE papers for students who have excelled marvellously. Doubting Thomases like us decided we want evidence on the spot. He requested a bowl of water and lo and behold, he conjured a WASSCE paper in the bowl of water right in front of us. That day I became a believer in the fact that spirits really do exist.

With this experience, I concluded that notwithstanding the many measures put in place to address the issue of exam malpractice alias 'apor, little can be done to deal with this menace. That is in no way a proposition to the effect that nothing should be done in an attempt to stop the menace but to come to terms with the stark truth that our chances of winning the fight are practically impossible.

A different or an additional approach that assesses students' performance or their intelligence beyond just the writing of exams would be a good way to deal with the phenomena.

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