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Keep your wishes: Teachers 'lambaste' Ghana Education Service for wishing them Happy Teachers day.

Many people may be surprised to learn that today is National Teachers Day. It is, unfortunately, the terrible fact, and only a few individuals are aware of it. We all know that teachers play a critical role in the growth of every country. These professionals are deserving of recognition. Many people have risen to tremendous heights in life as a result of the influence of certain outstanding teachers.

It's regrettable that a day like Teachers' Day is so underappreciated in Ghana. When we compare the excitement with which we celebrate some holidays, such as Farmers Day, to the fervor with which we celebrate others, Teachers Day almost seems inconsequential. Meanwhile, teaching is one profession that helps a country create good human resources. We can even assume that without education, other experts may not have existed at all.

Ghana Education Service posted a message on one of the most prominent social media platforms today (Facebook) wishing teachers a Happy Teachers Day. We were anticipating a positive response from the teachers, but sadly, the reverse occurred. The following are some of the comments made in response to the Ghana Education Service post by people who were assumed to be teachers due to the tone of their statements:

“You have denied us Junior Rank promotions for more than a year but expect us to be happy? Keep your wishes”

“So do the leaders of the service think about the pupil in the rural areas?”

“Common promotion we are still begging you Ghana Education Service and you expect us to be happy “

“Your silence and delays is worrying”

“No workshop to upgrade the knowledge of teachers on this special day but teachers would be asked to sit at home when it is farmer’s day. Here we are working”

“Who told you we need this? Happy teachers day when we were given 4% salary increment? Please take your day!”

These were just a few of the responses to the post.

Is it truly necessary for Ghana Education to go above and beyond what it is currently doing? You can also express your view.

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