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The untold story of a young man that was denied admission to shs before the Rastafarians.

Not long ago was a news of Achimota shs not admitting students bcs they were naturally born Rastafarian(that is with dread locks).

This issue seem to have gone to rest as the students are finally admitted but what u might not know is a story of a traditional young fetishist priest that was denied admission into dzodze penyi shs ,this incident happened "2years ago".

This incident happened way back 2 years ago in the volta region at the ketu north municipality.It was when a traditional young 18 year old was denied admission to shs bcs he was a fetish priest and he wore a Hart that the school authorities frowned upon.

The young fetishist priest was told in his face that before he could be granted admission to the shs he must remove his cap or Hart .U might find it or say" then he should remove it then ".But that's not the case bcs it ain't that simple bcs he said himself that he has been wearing the cap for more than 13 years and there would be consequences if he removed the cap.

He further explained that he might run mad or something bad would happen to the community or if he removed the cap bcs he was the priest of the town.

The name of this young man is called Gally felix.

He also said that he is weak on the right arm and can't do any handiwork and is only relying on education for a bright future.

As of now we don't know if he's accepted or not but the headteacher of the school has told him to write a letter to the school requesting to use the cap on school campus.

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Achimota Gally felix


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