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5 Genius Exam Cheating Styles That Deserve An Award For Their Creativity

Now it's become a normal thing to cheat in exam periods. People don't follow the rule of examinations anymore and others copy in an exam room from their classmates and colleagues.

Due to the consequences of cheating in examinations, students have developed excellent cheating methods. It is very difficult for them to be caught with these cheating methods.

Below are 5 cheating gurus to whom their techniques should be rewarded.

1. Using a fake hand

This student makes the teacher think with his fake hand that both hands are on the table. He uses one of his hands to copy answers on his desk phone.

2. Hiding answers in fingernails

This student wrote answers to small papers and put them in his fingernails.

3. Writing math formulas on fingers

Look at the fingers, and you'll think that this pedicure for beauty is fingernail. This student wrote the fingernails in mathematical form.

4. A phone in the calculator

Take a look at it closely and you will see that there is a phone inside the calculator. You may think that this is a normal calculator but it's a cheat.

5. Writing answers in a rubber box

You might think that's a normal box of rubber. In the rubber box, this student wrote answers. It would be very complicated for the teacher to suspect the student of cheating in this case.

Which of these cheating methods do you think is the best? Don't forget to share your opinions with us

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