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Hon.Theodore A. Amponsah advises the youth of Akokofe.

Akokofe is a town in the Bosomtwe District with it's Region,Ashanti.

The Assemblyman of the above mentioned town is doing a marvelous job.Upon all his good performances to the town and the District as a whole ,he has done it again.

He has advised all the youth in the town.

This happened during a Community work known as Communal labourer .

Infact, everybody was surprised due the fact that people espcially the youth had contributed to the work after listening to the Assemblyman's advice .

Meanwhile ,previously the people espcially the youth were not participating at all.

His advises were very simple to them with one of them ''if you do good,you do for yourselves in vice versa.''

He then asked who wants to be a good leader?

Alsmost all the youth raised up their hands,he later on said then you have to set good example.Thus obeying rules and regulations.

Again,he added by promising them as he advises them saying he was planning effectively toward's their lives.Therefore, jobless person will get a job.Scholarships will be made available for the students Who are academically good but financially poor.

However he kept on advising the youth especially those who are still in schools.Advising them to learn hard to achieve their aims.

Also to those not in school to exercise much patience, for he will help them to provide jobs for them.

Hon.Theodore A.Amponsah concluded by expressing his vote of thanks to them with happiness .

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Akokofe Ashanti Bosomtwe District


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