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Prempeh College Wins The 2021 NSMQ🖐

On the 26th of November, 2021, the grand finale of 5he National Science and Math Quiz was held in the Great Hall of KNUST. The contest which started on October 26 was finally brought to an end with the Amanfour guys securing the fifth title

It was tough from the first round with close ties between the 3 finalists; Prempeh college, Presec legon and Keta Shts. The second round began with Prempeh college and Presec answering most of the questions correctly as well as missing others which led to some deductions. Then came the 3rd round which featured the problem of the day with Prempeh getting a perfect score of 10 points

Then came the 4th round which featured true/false questions with Prempeh college answering all correctly, Presec legon missing one and Keta Shts missing a couple of questions. The final round which was the riddles round saw Prempeh increase the gap by answering two riddles correctly for 7 points and Presec and Keta answering the remaining two riddles.

End of contest:

Prempeh college - 53

Presec legon - 47

Keta SHTS - 30

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