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Prof Gyampo - Hopeson Adorye's Observations Are Factually And Historically Accurate

A political lecturer at the University of Ghana Professor Ransford Gyampo has given response to Hopeson Adorye's comments during the Alan health walk. He said that Hopeson Adorye's observations in the NPP are factually and historically accurate but historical fact isn't tradition.

Prof Gyampo in a post on Monday, 15th August 2022, wrote;

"Speaking directly to what Hopeson Adorye said over the weekend, I wish to point out the fact that, his observations are factually and historically accurate. But his understanding and interpretation of what constitute a tradition, is reductionist and inaccurate."

Prof remarked that there could be Southerners who are Dombos and Northerners who are Danquah-Busias. The party as a whole, must therefore not entertain any discourse that presses any tribal button to its own self-destruction. For, Dombos aren’t only Northerners and Danquah-Busias aren’t only Southerners.

Hopeson Adorye spoke accurately about a historical fact. But this historical fact isn’t a tradition. It is a mere vote-getting measure that can be maintained or overturned.

I warn that, any factional propagandistic attempt at hyping or twisting what the man said to create a wedge between Northerners and Southerners in the party, would have far reaching consequences that would go beyond Alan and Bawumia to shred the NPP as a whole.

Prof added that a political tradition is a long standing way of life, founded on certain key principles, beliefs, ideologies, culture and values, which are consciously or subconsciously regarded as essential components that are expected to shape the daily lives of a people within a political grouping."

The choice and method of candidate selection in any political grouping cannot necessarily be regarded as part of a tradition. Usually, during candidate selection, the driving and influential variable is the quest to balance tickets and to woe or attract more votes. He said.

Prof Gyampo argued that, It is therefore a fundamental misunderstanding of what constitute a tradition for anyone to attempt to expand its frontiers to include the mere methods of candidate selection.

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