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Studying at these time periods will help you absorb whatever you are learning

A person spends many years of his life studying, and these years do not pass in vain; Because with education, a person educates himself and performs his mission in life, and he can successfully and alone overcome many obstacles.

Many try studying but unfortunately, they do not have the right method that enables them to choose the most appropriate time to study, and this is what I will talk about here

Best times to study

Continuous study is what helps a person to consolidate information and benefit from it, and to continue towards success at a steady and confident pace. The best times for studying are the following

1. Studying in the early morning that the student wakes up two hours before going to school. This is because the student's mind at this time is relaxed and not confused, and has a high ability to focus, and at this time he can complete his duties and homework, and study for the exam with the least possible time and effort, in addition to keeping the information fixed in his memory

2. After school time: After the student takes a rest, he goes directly to completing his duties and studying what was taken at school every day, taking notes, and asking and inquiring about what he faced with difficulty from the subject teacher, or from his fellow students who are skilled in the subject, and studying for exams well

If the student resorts to developing a plan and program for his daily study and throughout the school year, he avoids all problems, provided that this plan is divided on the basis of the student’s time devoted to studying, and for studying priority all his time, by making each subject a specific time according to his needs, solving his duties, and reviewing what is explained at school, preparing for tomorrow's program and studying for exams

The student is not advised to leave his studies for the hours of the night, because he will be exhausted at this time and cannot focus and absorb, and most of the time he will sleep without completing his duties, studying his exam, and reviewing his materials, which will make him retract all the materials as a result of their accumulation on him due to his neglect of them, and the result will be a failure

All of the above are related to the student's absorptive capacity; Because this matter varies from one student to another, each one of them has his level, and it also relates to the student’s ability to organize his time and not postpone any of his homework, and to follow up with his family and school for him, and as it was said “Do not postpone today’s work until tomorrow” and thus you will be able to raise your educational and academic achievement, to become one of the future top performers

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