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How to be a maths genius

If you are a student and struggling with maths, struggle no more because in this article are tips on how to become a maths genius.

Maths isn't as difficult as it sounds. A lot of students hate maths. However it's the one subject that will help you even after you complete school. The best thing about maths is that, when you get to understand it's logic , it can be your most scoring subject. It's not lmpossible infact it's easier than it looks.

Here are some tips to tackle maths like an expert.

1. Practice as much as you can. Maths is a hands on subject.we don't read maths but rather work it. For you to be a maths genius,you have to keep on practicing for there's a saying that that " practice makes man perfect" . So dear students keep on practicing and never stop practicing.

2. Start by solving maths problems or examples. For you to be a maths genius, you have to solve a lot of maths questions or examples. By doing this it helps you to understand the logic and knock down the fear of maths from you.

3.clear all your doubts. A lot of students when solving a question doubt what they are solving because they think what they are doing is wrong. Never feel that when solving a question, also put it in mind that whatever you are solving is right.

4. Note down formulas. Maths deals with a lot of formulas. For you to be a maths genius, you have to know all the formulas.

5. Understand the derivations. You might think that derivation isn't as important from the exam point of view but it's critical to understand. You can't always learn formulas, you need to understand the logic behind it.

Dear students if you follow all this steps with the faith of God or Allah trust me you are gonna be the maths genius you have always dreamed of . Please follow me for more .

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