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What is happening in our SHS's? New form 1 student forced by Seniors to Chop a trunk. (Watch Video)

A form 1 Senior High School student has been forced by his seniors to do a most unusual thing that is both shocking and hilarious at the same time causing a stir online and Ghanaians are reacting massively.

One of the most important stage in education today is the Senior High School education. This is the stage where major learning is done. Students at this stage in schooling are taught the most lessons being it book knowledge or life lessons. Most things we learn from senior high school goes a long way to shape our lives in the future either for the good or bad and even worse so it is very crucial extra care is taken at this stage by teachers and students in shaping students life.

It is also at this stage that form 1 and even some form 2 students go through the most difficult times by the hands of their seniors, the form 3 students. Seniors normally bullies form 1 students and make them do the most unusual things from punishment to whatnot. 

In a video circulating online, a form 1 students of an unidentified school is being forced by his seniors to have an intimate romance session with a trunk and it is very unfortunate the boy has to go through this ordeal.

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