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PHOTOS: Two Female Students Fight In School. One Allegedly Becomes Unconscious

Disagreements, conflicts of interest, turf, stays, ego, competition, greed, jealousy, insecurity, anger, pain, pleasure, entertainment, love, hate, religion, politics, family, instinct, nature, mental illness or lack of confidence make people fight. There are countless reasons most involving emotion in some way, someone who is truly secure and confident finds other ways to solve issues without a fight but often they are unavoidable.

A serious fight between two young girls was videoed and shared on social media. In the video, the students are seen kicking and hitting each other when one of the girls knocked the other one on the and pass out.

Education's Muzi Mahlaambi says the fight took place at Khandlela High in Esikhawini near Empangeni on Thursday. He has dismissed rumors that the girl died - saying she's recovering at home.

"Both students are in grade 11 and they are in the same class. They have been identified and the authorities have called their parents in. We don't want any form of fight in our school again" he said.

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