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Secondary Education


Are you a teacher with a Diploma in Basic Education in GES? Read this advice before doing the Degree

Diploma holders are required to go in for a degree top-up in the coming years. This has caused many agitations about whether graduates ought to pick got a 2-year top-up or 3-year top-up. 

A counselor by the name of Counselor Daniel Fenyi has advised graduates on which one to pick. This comes after the GES delegate chief general said that, Diploma teachers will be out of the framework by 2023. 

"On the off-chance that you are a Teacher in GES, with a Diploma in Basic Education, at the Rank of Snr. Supt II or I, or another certificate holding move on from College of Education, and wish to seek after a Degree program now or later, Counselor Daniel Fenyi has this guide for you. 

Try not to go in for a 2-year top-up( 3-semester) degree in Basic Education. Or maybe, decide on a 3-year Degree in Secondary Education. 

The Secondary Education, upon completion, gives both of you choices either to stay at the Basic level or bounce to Senior High School. 

IN LIFE, it is consistently more secure and savvier to have alternatives, in the event of some unforeseen issue! A degree in Basic Education doesn't allow you a later choice. 

From 2023, ALL prepared instructors who'll be posted from Colleges of Education will hold a degree in Basic Education. 

They will be stuck at the essential level with no chance to move up to SHS. This is your ONLY preferred place over them. 

PLAN! In the event that you seek after a 2 year top-up from today, you'll complete in 2022 and your overhauling will produce results in 2023, the very year as the College public. 

In the event that you can get the opportunity to jump to SHS, why not attempt? Try not to let anybody deceive you that basic teachers with B.Ed and SHS teachers take the same salary from now on no compelling reason to 'hurry' to SHS.

In all honesty, IT'S TRUE. However, the Adisadel College teachers' kid gets the opportunity of going to Adisco over the Methodist basic school teacher's kid. That is not cash, it's called VALUE! Also, LIFE, commonly, is about worth, not cash."

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