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What Is Happening To The Youth Nowadays - See What These KNUST Students Are Doing At The Hostel

For sometime now, all we wake up to hear or probably read online is something disgracing our youth have done. We recently witnessed gross misconduct and acts of smelly behavior by University of Ghana students who were knocked out in dormitories.

There seems to be a challenge as to who governs colleges with the most shameful and disobedient behavior on campus that we don't know about. A video seen on the Internet shows a young couple allegedly dropping Kumasi students (in the vicinity of KNUST) in a manner similar to the incident at the University of Ghana.

The video is only two minutes long, but the content of the video is able to shake the lives of the main characters forever. The benefits of delayed gratification always outweigh immediate gratification. No one is morally perfect, and we all have major flaws, but why would you mount a camera when you're blacked out. To see the world, your courage or what? This doesn't make sense!

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