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Bring back our headmaster - JAPASS asks GES.

The headmaster of Jackie-Pramso senior high school, JAPASS found things tough with the education authorities last week after pictures of a student who appeared callously beaten surfaced online.

Mr Francis Donkor was ordered to indefinitely step aside while investigations proceed.

The victim, Mary Amoako, sustained deep cuts on her back from the savage caning.

The public have been outraged at the brutality involved.

Mary’s only crime, we were made to believe, was that she had offered another student who the headmaster had asked to walk half-naked to the dormitory for violating school regulations, to cover himself.

But in a new development, students and old students of Jachie Pramso Senior High School, JAPASS have launched a campaign on social media to get GES to reverse it's earlier decision to interdict the headmaster of the school.

In several posts on social media, the campaigners have sought to explain the circumstances precipitating the canning of the student while suggesting that the track record of the embattled headmaster in terms of competence and instilling discipline remains in matched.

"If the information reaching us that, the girl dared you by saying, "S3 WO Y3 BARIMA A FA WONSA KA ME" was indeed true, then sir, you do all. This child can't disrespect you and the culture in JAPASS". Mickey Darling posted on Facebook.

Some also expressed their disbelief that he headmaster acted irresponsibly, suggesting that he must been sufficiently provoked knowing how calm and collected he has been in all the years that he been in the school.

A social media users by name, Francis Boye has in a sharp contrast, protested the campaign by the Students and old students of JAPASS.

"Why do we do this to ourselves ? In this time and age you do this to a student entrusted in your care and you have designed artwork shoving religious crap down our throats ? He quizzed.

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