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Teachers Raises Red Flag on the return of Double Track in Senior High Schools

Teachers Raise Red Flag on the return of Double Track in Senior High Schools

Teachers have called on their Union leaders to express their dissatisfactions on the return of the double track system in the Senior High Schools.

When the double track was introduced in 2018, management of Ghana Education stated that, they will employ more teachers to reduce the burden on the available teachers.

The double track period allocations specified in the policy document was that, a teacher will teach a minimum of eighteen (18) periods a week and a maximum of Twenty-two(22) periods.

Before the implementation of the double track, a period of a lesson in the Senior High Schools was forty(40) minutes. With the double track, a period of a lesson is one hour, that is sixty(60) minutes.

The double track educational system specified that, if a teacher is assigned to teach in one of the the track, that teacher goes on holiday when the students in that track goes on vacation. For example if a teacher is teaching in track green, the teacher will vacate when track green students are on vacation.

Some teachers have been teaching throughout the academic calendar, no vacation for them. These teachers are made to teach in track green and track gold.

Some of the teachers felt their burden has been relieved. On Monday 16th March 2021 Ghana Education Service and Ghana Education Service Council had a virtual meeting with heads of Senior High Schools to reintroduced the double track system.

Teachers have made it clear that, Ghana Education Service should employ more teachers else they will not be engaged in teaching both tracks at the same time.

Teacher Unions, Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT), National Association Graduate Teachers(NAGRAT) and Coalition of Concern Teachers(CCT) will meet and take decision on this issue and teachers will be informed the actions to be taken.

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