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You Treat Us Like Rags, But You Want A Bigger Aircraft– UTAG Strikes At Gov't

A Professor at the University of Ghana and a member of the University Teachers association of Ghana (UTAG), Professor Ransford Gyampo has rained serious constructive criticisms on government over its indifferent attitude towards the demands for a better conditions of service for university lectures in the country.

Speaking with Alfred Ocansey on 3FM's Sunrise Morning show on Thursday, October 7, Prof. Ransford Gyampo said that he wonders why the government treats them like rags whilst it is always quick to fulfilling its own demands while downplaying those of university lectures and other professionals who taught them.

His comments follow after UTAG has decided to call on their strike again which was called off in August at a National Executive Committee held on Friday, October 1. UTAG wants a restoration of the conditions of service agreed upon with government in 2012.

The government, their Employer, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to complete negotiations on the conditions of service within a one month. However, the one-month moratorium has long expired but the government still not yielded to their demands.

This was what compelled UTAG to call an executive meeting on October 1 to call on the strike if government's resolve still remains unchanged by Friday, October 8. The suspension of teaching and related activities would also resume until further notice. All members are to unequivocally there to this directives.

Speaking on this matter, Prof Gyampo said "When we went to sign the MoU that dictated that we suspended our strike and go around the negotiation table there were four main sources that government could do something about to take us back to the 2013 value.

Source number one was non-basic salaries to be negotiated. Source number two was market premium, source number three was research allowance, source number four was any other allowance that could be attached to send us back to 2013 values.

We got to source number one and we were told that we can’t negotiate the non-basic salaries because non-basic salary is a matter of single spine, so pay us every month, add about 1,100 dollars to our salaries so that we will be receiving 2,084 dollars a month. That was when government said they can’t pay, we reduced to 500, they said they can’t pay, we reduced to 250 they said they can’t pay.

Government is proposing a figure around 100 dollars a month. How insulting can you be to teachers who taught you. Professors went on strike because of 100 dollars, so insulting."

He added “It appears that our members, the national executive committee members were so furious, some of us were trying to restrain to tell them that there are a few things that will have to be ironed out but everybody said no, no they want the strike to be announced, the language they understand is strike.

“When it comes to dealing with those whose labour , those whose taxes generate the income that politicians use we are treat them like rats but when it comes to the interest of politicians we try to find money from wherever they will find those moneys to meet those interest. We are in the middle of a crisis, labour is threatening to go on strike and within this same time a government official comes and brazenly says we are going to get a new aircraft.”

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