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Is Education In Ghana A Big Scam?

Ghana's education system is producing thousands of university graduates on yearly basis. There are other people who are graduating from other enviable institutions in the country annually. We can say Ghana is made up of a population of highly educated people

Even the governments boast of expanding education infrastructure every now and then. The surprising thing is that there is no job for people to do after completing the educational ladder. People pay huge amounts of money from lower primary school to the university only to become 'useless' in the long run.

Ghana educational system does not give birth or nurture talents. People with talents who can become great in future have wasted their God given abilities in school thinking it pays to be educated. "Education is the key to success." This saying is dysfunctional in Ghana. Some people argue that education is not entirely being confined in the four walls of the classroom.

This argument holds some water if we are to go back to the what constitutes EDUCATION. But it is so in Ghana; we believe education is all about going to school. That's why we look down on other people who are receiving one special training or the other.

Some people in Ghana are not endowed intellectually but because they said education is the key to success, such individuals never think of other alternatives for their lives. They keep wasting their time and resources in school, have failed examinations and join the train of unemployed graduates afterwards. If you advise someone to invest in a business, he or she will make enemy with you instantly!

To him or her, your suggestion is tantamount to insult. How can a beautiful woman or handsome guy be seen doing business instead of chilling on campus? This is the main reason why many young and vibrant young people in Ghana are jobless in the society.

Ghana's education system gives birth to people who only come out to be hardened criminals because they've got to eat by hook or crook. The number of years a person spend in school and the fees paid can actually establish a small business venture. But this is only thought of, when the inevitable happens; when the person finds himself or herself among the unemployed people.

The available jobs in the country too, can only be secured by greasing palms. If you don't know anyone and not even ready to grease palm which is the norm, forget about securing employment in this current society! Your type is not needed no matter how 'hot' your certificates are. Boasting about certificates is just a big fallacy if you ask me.

Now, everyone has to take his or her own survival in Ghana personal. No government is ready to create jobs but they will be willing to build more schools where more people can learn to become idle in future.

If you go to school to learn, learn how to apply your knowledge in productive ways. Merely committing theories into memory to pass exams will make you useless as your predecessors.

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