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Our Language Our Pride : Winneba Students Boast Of Learning Their Local Language

Some Winneba students have taken to their facebook pages to boast of learning their own language in school.

Ɔsabarima Ayeh Seth and Opoku Boakye are proud students from the St. Michael’s Senior High School(Akoase) in the Eastern Region.

Moreover, the two took to facebook to show their proudness in studying Ghanaian Language(Twi).

Meanwhile, some students in the school also study English Language as a major course, but the two have proven that though they are studying the local course and see it better.

According to them, they will never throw their tongue away to pick what is not theirs.

Ghanaian Language is popular among Ghanaians that most people even teachers use after they have graduated from different tertiaries.

Ayeh and Boakye are ever ready to devote to teach in the Senior High School after they also graduated from Winneba.

This, sounds to as a wake up and motivation for students who have given up in studying their own.

Should the youth have interest in studying such languages of their own it will bring Ghanaians students to their toes which will make teaching and learning simple since many students understand when local languages are used to teach them.

Moreover, On their facebook wall, they wrote: “Our language our pride”. They were with other students with them who took to facebook to show their pride.


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