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Very Disappointing as Teachers Perform Poorly In The 2021 Teachers Licensure Examination.

It seems the teachers licensure exams that sorts to test the credibility and competence of Ghanaian teachers before putting them in the classrooms is proving very useful and 'life saving' for Students.The licensure exams which started some time 2018 is an avenue for newly trained teachers from both the colleges of education and the Universities to show their readiness through an examination,supervised by the National Teaching Council,before being licensed to work with the Ghana education service.

The 2021 examination which had candidates tested on three different subjects ie,professional skills,literacy and numeracy, went on successfully with some candidates,showing their worth and others,not doing so well.The stat above which was posted on EIB network's various platforms shows a huge number of 17,021,which represents 36.7% of newly trained teachers who registered for the examination,failed.Note that,all these teachers would have been posted to Ghanian schools to teach if not for this brilliant initiative being implemented.

There is a chance for candidates who failed any or all of the papers to resit and try to do better and it comes with a fee.To resit one paper,a candidate has to pay an amount of 100 cedis,resiting 2 papers will cost candidates 200 cedis,220 cedis is the amount to pay if a candidate is to write all 3 papers.

There were a lot of confusion about this idea when it was first mentioned.Some people found it hard to understand why going through years in school to become a trained teacher and after school,you are required to write another exams before being posted to teach.Judging by the results of the examination,we would all agree that we can have confidence in the teachers being posted to our schools because they are of standard quality and deserve to work with the Ghana Education Service.

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