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WASSCE 2020: Likely Integrated Science Questions Plus The WASSCE Timetable Released by WAEC

Finally, the West African Examination Council has released the long- awaited WASSCE timetable today, and I made sure to take screenshots of it for you guys ; you have to zoom it to be able to see it more clearly.

The Head of the Ghana National Office WAEC, Mrs Wendy Enyonam Addy - Lamptey said they had already begun printing copies of the timetable and are distributing them to all participating schools.Beside that, I have compiled more technical questions that have high chances of appearing in the coming WASSCE. And I hope that the questions I previously wrote in my last articles have been well answered. Without wasting much time, let us delve in quickly to the questions.

Chemistry Questions

1. a) i) Define the term isotope.

ii) Name the instrument used in determining isotopes.

iii) Neon (Ne) which has atomic number 10,has three isotopes of mass number 17,19 and 21. Determine the number of neutrons present in each.

b) What name is given to each of the following processes?

i) The reaction between an acid and a base.

ii) The breakdown of compound by heat energy.

iii) The absorption of heat energy to enable a reaction to take place.

iv) The addition of substances to hasten the rate of a chemical reaction.

v) The passage of a solid substance into the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state.

C) i) List two raw materials used in the manufacture of indeginous soap.

ii) State three ways of improving upon the quality of indeginous saop.

2) Describe how the relative density of a salt solution can be determined using the hydrometer.

3) a) i) What is a chemical compound?

ii) State four differences between ionic and covalent compounds.

b) i) Give the reason for the treatment of water for domestic use.

ii) State three methods of improving upon the quality of water for domestic use.

4) a) i. Explain the term sublimation.

ii) Name three substances that can sublime.

Agriculture Questions

1. a) i. What is colostrum?

ii) Explain the importance of feeding a newly born baby mammal with colostrums.

B) Sate three features of the intensive system of keeping animals.

2. a) i. Distinguish between green manure and farmyard manure.

ii) State three ways in which organic fertilizers are important to the soil.

3) a. i. Explain the term soil fertility.

ii. Differentiate between major nutrients and minor nutrients.

Biology Questions

1) a) i) State the area of the mammalian ear which constitutes the middle ear.

ii) Name the three ossicles found in the mammalian ear.

iii) Explain the role played by the ossicles in the hearing process of a mammal.

B) Explain three ways in which the human sperm cell is adapted to its function.

2. a) i) Explain the term tissue as applied to living organisms.

ii) List two types of tissues found in a green plant.

iii) State one function for each of the tissues listed in (ii) above.

3. a) A man with normal red blood cells is married to a woman who is a sickle cell carrier. With the aid of a genetic diagram, explain the genetic constitution of their children.

4) a. State one function each of the following structures in humans :

i) vitreous humour of the eye

ii) hammer of the ear

iii) fovea of the eye

iv) organ of the corti of the ear

v) cochlea of the ear

Physics Questions

1. a) i) State the law of conservation of energy.

ii) In a simple machine, the energy input is 120 J. If the efficiency of the machine is 80%,calculate the energy output.

B) a) i) Describe briefly the production of sound in each of the following instruments :

a. trumpets b. drum

ii) State one difference between a musical note and noise.

2) a) i. Differentiate between distance and displacement.

ii) A bird flies at a speed of 250 km/h. If it covers a distance of 10,000 m ,calculate the time it took to complete the journey.

3. a) i. What is meant by quality of musical note?

ii) Describe an experiment to show that sound needs a material medium for its transmission.

Effective Tips to Follow to Prepare Well For The WASSCE.

These tips are mine, and I they worked for me perfectly in my preparation for the WASSCE. As there are less than 15 days for the WASSCE to start,majority of the final year students would start to panic because they have the notion that, "they have not learnt all the topics and are lagging behind".

I never panicked when were even a day from writing our WASSCE, because I made sure that I bettered all the topics I had little understanding on; and this is a tip that greatly helped me.

Just make sure you improve on what you have learnt, and don't rush yourself to try to learn everything in the textbook. At these juncture, students who are not that good in class; they are not like the "sharks", these students will start to go near the "intelligent students" for help. And I tell you, most of these "intelligent students" would not help them because they would see them to be interrupting their studies.

The strategy I used was that I drew these students who were "not that sharp in class" to my side and they helped me a lot. Most of my friends I had in school were all seen as students who were not "sharp" and these "intelligent" students wonder why I always associated myself to them. During the preparation and writing of our WASSCE, I made sure I learnt the topics I had planned of studying, and I would get closer to my friends who were lagging behind in studies. I would make sure we solved random past questions, and i would pretend to not understand a question, this forced them to explain it to me to my understanding.

I made sure they believed in themselves that they could also pass the WASSCE unlike what some of the teachers and other "intelligent students" thought.

I would tell them we would wake up at a planned time at dawn, and when the time was due for us to wake up and go learn, they would be the ones to rather come wake me up from my bed.

I made sure I learnt what I needed to before going to study with them, so that I would be able to answer any question they asked me ; and that improved my studies and I was able to cover a lot of topics without even noticing.

And with these 13 days you have to start your WASSCE, there would be numerous questions people will start sending students as "appour", if you get lucky to get hold of these questions, just make sure you learn how to answer the questions very well and continue with your routine studies. Don't ever put your trust in these "appour" questions ;if these questions appear in your exam, lucky for you, but if they don't appear, it doesn't worry you in anyway because you didn't put all your trust in these questions unlike other students who stopped learning only because of these "appour".

And the last but not the least, pray to God before and after learning.

These will be the end of the tips, and please share these article to your classmates for they can benefit from this as you are doing.

If you have difficulties in learning, please don't hesitate to ask for help from your friends. Or you can ask for help by leaving your comments below, and everyone, including me, would help you in anyway we can. Thank you.

Writer : Lucky000

Content created and supplied by: Lucky000 (via Opera News )

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