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Mother Can’t Hold It As Brilliant SHS Graduate Takes Final Journey In A White Coffin

Family members, friends, classmates, and loved ones could not hold on to their tears when the lifeless body of a young boy who is very well known in their community was laid to rest. The entire funeral ground was full of mourners who could not control their tears, the mother of the deceased was held by the mourners when it was time to take a look at the lifeless body of her son.

Evans Abrodope was part of the batch of Senior high school students who sat for last West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination. He was one of the brilliant students of the Asuom Senior High School (ASEC) who was loved by both his teachers and classmates. Soon after they completed school, the young boy met his untimely death in painful circumstances.

His family has organized a befitting funeral for him, this is to begin his final journey to eternity. The lifeless body of the young boy, Evans Abrodope was laid in a white coffin, it was placed in the middle of the funeral grounds for all sympathizers to pay their last respect. The white coffin is designed with silver handles, they placed it on a table covered with clothes to show respect to the dead.

His mother, who was clad in all red cloth to signal funeral could not hold her tears as she was being held to file past the coffin containing the lifeless body of her handsome eighteen-year-old son. He had a lot of prospects and a dream of growing to become a responsible adult who will take care of his parents but death ended everything.

His classmates who were at the burial ceremony shared fond memories of their late friend. They referred to him as the brilliant student among their batch who was tipped to top the class in the final examination. Now, the results have been released but the young boy is dead. He is not even around to know his grade, he is not alive to continue his education and achieve his dreams. May his soul rest in peace.

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Asuom Senior Evans Abrodope


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