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JHS students try your hands on these Integrated Science Questions

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Junior High School Students especially the Form three students who are preparing for their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in June must take these questions very seriously .

Answer these questions on a sheet of paper then verify the answers in your notebook . The questions are as follows .

1. Explain the following Systems in the Body and give two organs involved in each System .

i.The Excretory System ii. The Respiratory System .

2.Tabulate four differences between Living things and Non - Living Things .

3. Define Titration .

4 . Explain why objects sinks or float in fluids

5.Explain why Tomatoes will wilt off when too much fertilizer is applied .

6.Give two Examples each of Fundamental Quantities and Derived quantities .

7.What is Soil Profile .

8.Define Acid and Base and give two Examples each.

9.What is Diffusion .

10. Give three instances of Diffusion in plants.

Please try to answer all questions .

I pray that God will help you , good luck . Follow me for more articles like this .

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