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Why Do You Study And Forget

You first need to build your sense of direction in your studies. That means you need to be constantly aware of what are the topics you already know and what are topics still require you to spend more time studying. In order to build your sense of direction in your studies, you need to study to understand, which provides for solid memories, rather than studying to remember/memorizing. This is what I will suggest you do On school days or any busy days, allocate a fixed time for homework and studying each day. This will give you an idea of how much time you need each day to do both which makes you more organized.

For each day, ideally, before you go to bed, allocate 1 hour to finish your homework and the next hour doing some short revisions from what you learned during school.

The short revisions include writing some short notes of what you know and what you still need to learn from today’s lessons. In the final 5 minutes of that one-hour revision session, you do a reflection on what you have learned in all your lesson today. This meaning-making a summary of what you have learned today and what you still need to learn or not sure or seek help from the teacher on the next day.

By doing a reflection, you get a clear idea of what you know and don’t know which then gives you direction on what you need to learn in school. This will naturally give you a sense of purpose in studying as well as keeping you engaged in your study session. Thus, you will naturally have the motivation to keep learning and studying.

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