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No Caning In Schools: GES should adopt the Korean principle to maintain discipline in our schools

The Ministry of Education and Ghana Education Service have jointly opposed the use of corporal punishment as a corrective mechanism in our public and private basic schools. Ghanaian Teachers, especially those in public schools have been advised to adopt measures provided in the Head Teacher's Handbook and the Positive Discipline Toolkit provided by the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education to deal with inappropriate behaviours exhibited by their pupils or learners.

Some teachers have lamented that the adoption of the guidelines in the Headteacher's Handbook have brought maintenance of discipline in our schools to it's knees.

Should Ghana adopt the South Korean Principle?

To succeed in South Korea, one must be very competitive and disciplined in all spheres. Just like Ghana, Corporal punishment was banned in South Korean schools in the year 2017.

However, stringent measures have been put in place to ensure that students comply and conform with the school rules and regulations. Schools in the Asian country have softwares which keep track of of every student's dictionary record. At the beginning of every academic year, each student is given 52 points.

A student gets a deduction if he or she repeats any form of misconduct for three times. Sleeping attracts one point deduction, lateness to school and fighting in school attract two point each.

Parents of a child whose points have been deducted get an SMS alert at the spot. A student who reaches Zero points is then expelled from the school. Both Learners and their parents or guardians know the consequences of expulsion.

Competition for job placements in South Korea have compelled parents to give their wards a little over five hours of sleep each day as teenagers stay glued to academic work up to twelve midnight.

Ghanaians teachers would welcome this strategy as indiscipline has engulf our educational system to the extent that students use social media to insult leaders.

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