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What Is Happening In Our Schools: University Of Ghana Student Abuse Drug And Sleep On A Main Road.

The youths they say, are the future of every country, that is why every country need to have a good and better plans for the youths.

This could be either through school education or good moral lessons which can help the youth to have a better attitude wherever they found themselves.

For sometime now, Ghanaians had been wondering about what is happening in our schools because all we wake up to hear or probably read online is something disgracing our youth in various schools especially at the tertiary level.

Drug abuse is excessive use of psychoactive drugs, such as alcohol, pain medications or illegal drugs. It can lead to physical, social or emotional harm.

A student of university of Ghana has been captured in a viral video causing confusing in as he sleeps on the main road causing traffic at University of Ghana after abusing drug.

The student is believe to be a level 300 student, who took drug to get rid of his frustration and stress at school.

What the video below.

Do you think taking drugs to relieve you from frustration is best option if not why? Discuss and share.

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