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Check Out What A Student Was Caught Doing During “Common” Oral Session

Not long ago, Senior High School students began with the West African Secondary School Certificate Exams (WASSCE) to finally climax their 3years of study in SHS.

The first general paper that was taken by all students was the Oral English where students will have to present in batches to take.

During the session as the speaker could be heard playing the voices of the recorded individuals, a male student was seen stretching his night to every direction and picking the answer sheet of his colleagues closer to him.

Oral session which is noted to require rapt attention, this was when the student was disturbing his fellow students also in the hall.

It will not be surprising to hear that during the school's exemplary oral session in class or for all candidates, this particular student proved stubborn and did not attend.

Every other person else in the examination hall seems to be very focused paying attention to the recording which is playing, with the exception of this male student.

As students, we sometimes forget that everything our teachers do for us is for our own good. After such students probe stubborn to their teachers and sometimes skip class, they end up sweating in the exams centre as if they had never had a teacher step foot in their classrooms.

You would realize that most often, we students are the cause of our own problems but we tend to always blame out teachers.

Every student has the capability of excelling in their exams in their own small ways even though the IQ level for them vary from person to person.

With the concept of hardwork and determination applied, every student is bound to excel.

Mostly, there are students who underrate their own skills and doubt they can make it.

Let us do away with the spirit of discouragement and trust in our potentials in order not to be caught in exams hall for malpractice and thereby getting our papers cancelled.

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