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Video: See What These 5 Female SHS Students Were Caught Doing On Campus Instead Of Learning

Every parent's wish is to provide better education for their children. That is why parents try to provide every good thing to ensure that their kids go to school to learn hard to become better people in the future.

But the most painful aspect about this is while parents are trying their best, some of the children are also doing their things when they go to school.

There are several times we see students acting in different ways in public which got many people talking on social media.

According to a video on social media, five female students were caught doing the unbelievable in their school uniforms. According to the video, these Senior high students were seen causing confusion with their incredible twerking moves.

These five students were seen in short uniforms as they shake their backsides in different styles. Instead of these students using their leisure time to learn they rather prefer using it to cause confusion on campus.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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