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The Auditorium Can't Handle Both Prempeh And Owass, Best Option Is To Ban The Supporters: Netizens

The rivalry between Prempeh College and Opoku Ware School (OWASS) dates back to some decades ago. These two schools are all academically inclined and want to show superiority in the Ashanti Region. Whenever Prempeh College meets Opoku Ware School, the tension generated is just overwhelming.

Tuesday is going to see both schools have another dance as they battle out to earn a spot to the finals of the National Science and Math Quiz 2021. Well, KNUST SHS is going to antagonize them by pulling up with huge numbers but that is not the point, when the rivals meet, everyone else is laid to rest. They don't care about the peripherals when they are centrally fixated on their target.

It must be nice being an old student in one of these schools. I am imagining the joy that comes with such an experience.

Prempeh College currently has four trophies with their last trophy dating back to 2017. Opoku Ware School on the other hand, has two trophies and is looking forward to closing the gap by winning their third and also, ending their 18 year NSMQ trophy drought.

Netizens on the social media have raised a topic which needs to be discussed to its core. They claim the auditorium cannot handle both Prempeh College and Opoku Ware School on Tuesday evening and therefore, the best option is to ban supporters of both schools. They think whenever both schools clash, it is all firecrackers. It is just like Continental hall clashing with Katanga hall.

The question is, "Is it really important for them to allow only the contestants and the team to enter the auditorium?" My honest answer is "no", because the supporters are the ones who make the show much lively.

I know it might get to a point where they cannot control them since they will get overexcited and break a few rules but that doesn't mean they should be banned. Tuesday is going to be fire because the winner is going to gain the bragging rights. Who is it going to be? Is it the boys in green or those in cream?

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