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Trainee Allowance, When Will It Be Paid Or Its Canceled?

Training allowances are payments from employers or third parties (provincial and local governments) made to specific groups of students, generally to replace lost wages to attend school.

Trainee allowance is of a great help and benefit to students in so many ways and means. It help needy trainees to pay their school fees, buy their handouts, buy soaps for washing etc.

The reintroduction of nurses and teacher trainees allowance have pave way for some caretakers to shunt their responsibilities to their ward in one way or the other.

Ghana as a country is not an exemption from the coronavirus pandemic attack in the world. However, the virus has causes the nation (Ghana) a great economic loss leaving the country with a lot of debt and economic crises.

However, schools and training colleges were permitted by the President to reopened with strict measures in place for protection against the virus after a partial closed down of all schools.

Now nurse and teacher trainees are in campus passing through a lot with some wondering if allowance has been canceled or not. According to some trainee nurse, about seven months areears of their allowance have not been paid including one month of the 2020 graduate nurses.

However, some of the graduate nursing candidates are of the notion that the rest of the one month allowance will not be paid.

Same issues applied to teacher trainee as they also lament and wonder if allowance will soon drop or that is the end of it.

Leadership of trainees have made several follow up for the rest of the unpaid months of allowance but to no response. Students body has for this matter lose hope and trust for student leadership as their concerns pertaining to allowance issues is giving no positive feedback.

This has so far also raised debates among students and even the general public as whole whether government have canceled trainee allowance or not. So many questions have been asked by trainees whether allowance has finally ended due to the Covid-19 attack or not.

In conclusion, whether trainee allowance is canceled or not, the authorities will be in a better position to respond to these raised questions however, nurses and teacher trainees should be admonished to remain calm as the government may pay heed to their cry as the country as a whole is in a state of economic crises. Authorities and government are putting up measures to raise enough revenue to settle all debts and addressed the economic situation of the country. Let us humbly pray and hope for better outcome and results.

But let me also humbly ask the authorities this question :


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