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Online poll: Which of these two dressings will make Male students attend class? See How people voted

Education which said to be the only slightest harmer that breaks the yoke of ignorance. The acquisition of knowledge through education goes a long way. The wish of every single parent of the earth is to educate his or her child to become somebody in the near future.

The process of learning and teaching comes in various forms. Students are made to study numerous subjects from the foundation of education to its higher level. Some of these subjects include Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Information and Communication Technology currently called Computing in the new curriculum.

All the five subjects mentioned above are difficult but one of the most fearsome among the majority of students around the world is Mathematics ( Almighty Mathematics as titled by most students). I think for a teacher to make a subject difficult or easy for a student is based on the interpersonal relationship that exists between the teacher and the students when he or she enters the classroom. Some students also find a subject easy due to the dressings of the teacher who teaches that particular subject. Boys especially sometimes prefer to be thought Mathematics by a female teacher. On the other hand girls also sometimes prefer to thought Mathematics by a female teacher. This online poll has been conducted by a Facebook user in a group to see how people prefer to be thought Mathematics in a school based on gender and dressing.

Below is how people voted or reacted to the poll on Facebook;

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