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No Elective Subjects for SHS 1 students in Ghana.

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Ghana Education Service is an organization that make sure that everything goes on well in the Basic schools and the Senior High Schools in the country. 

Ghana Education Service has come out with a new curriculum. This new curriculum is called Common Core Programme(CCP). This new curriculum starts from the Basic school and end at the Senior High School. The Common Core Programme start from JHS 1 and end at SHS 1.

Because of the introduction of the new curriculum, first-year students that are going to the Senior High School will not study Elective Subjects. They are going to study only core subjects.

This Common Core Programmes do not include Elective Subjects.

According to the Ghana Education Service, the first years are going to study subjects like Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies, English Language, Computing, RME, Creative Arts and Design Career, Technology, French or Arabic or Ghanaian languages. GES added that, the only option students may have to choose from is the language subjects which include French, Arabic and Ghanaian Languages.

The Management of Ghana Education Service also stated that, the first years can only study electives subjects when they get to SHS 2 in 2022. GES also added that, they are advising the first year students to take the Common Core Programme (CCP) seriously and build solid foundations for year 2 and 3 at the SHS. And when they take it seriously it will prepare then well enough to excel at the end of their study at the SHS. Please share, like and comment on this article. 

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