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The death of GNAT members, an association to milk teachers of their meager salary

Are GNAT executives telling teachers that they can’t do anything better for teachers except milking us from our meager salaries to enrich themselves?

Come to think of it, why did they stop the building project for its members, and how many teachers benefited apart from their family and close friends or relatives. We need answers, GNAT?

It was a campaign promise of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2016. I quote “working with identifiable groups such as the Trades Union Congress (TUC), Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Farmer’s Groups and other trade groups to facilitate the construction of homes for their members through the provision of the appropriate financing guarantees” (under infrastructure section, page 24-25 letter W). In this regard, one would have expected that the association will utilize this opportunity to advantage of its members. And even if it were not to be a campaign promise, is the association telling us that they can’t partner with the Minister of Works and Housing to provide affordable houses for its members? From all indications, the rich up there as executives will continue to milk the ‘poor’ teacher who retires with a package that cannot afford a single room for 60 good years of service.

This is the mission of GNAT “We campaign effectively on behalf of our membership through legitimate channels, for improved terms and conditions of service in line with national labour laws and International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and recommendations.” Now ask yourself, is this the mission that we experience now, the members have now turned to family and close friends or relatives.

When the teacher got enlightened and realized that there is nothing better in contributing to GNAT again, they Came with a policy to ‘kill’ the souls of teachers and I quote “Members who apply for voluntary exits before attaining 60 years shall attract 50% penalty on their Return on Investment (ROI)”. What association could be so cruel to its members upon whose contributions are the funding of the association?.

In this technological world and increment in contributions, GNAT can’t provide its members with gadgets that can be of benefit to the teacher in doing more research rather than calendar and diary, what a shame!!!

One can continue and continue to come out with the treatment of this so-called association that is killing its members slowly. Teachers are tired with is cruelty from the so-called GNAT executives who only take advantage of our meager salaries and enrich themselves. Building mansions, buying cars has become a norm when you are part of the executive board, no wonder people will ‘kill’ for those positions. GNAT wake up and do something better for the members, for it is about time the ordinary teacher also feels the impact of being a member. Why do we always remember this association and wish we had never joined, and wish it never existed, and want to be alone from such association? Questions are there to ask, and answers have to come out.

GNAT, teachers, CAN’T BREATH because you have your KNEES on our NECK.

Content created and supplied by: EmberKay (via Opera News )

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