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How the " Dum-Fix" is affecting education.

The on-and-off switching of Ghana's electricity has affected many sectors in Ghana such as the marketing and electronic based workers.

  "The lights gets off everyday from 8:30PM to 10:30PM and comes back at even 11:30PM" -reported Tuffour Reindolf of Wenchi Methodist Senior High School.

  "This reduces our learning time by about 3 hours per day and we can't even get electricity to iron our clothes and prepare for class the next day"

This"Dum-fix" have give students a prior evidence that every evening the lights will surely gets off and they wouldn't even prepare to go to prep in the evenings and this case must be addressed immediately to make our education system work better.The sector in charge of electricity in Ghana should inform the authorities in schools and also make sure that they are aware before the lights are switched off. This will make them prepare well before the light gets off to be able to run the school internal system as it is.

--  Addai Stephen 

Content created and supplied by: AddaiMununkum (via Opera News )

Dum-Fix Ghana Tuffour Reindolf Wenchi Methodist


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