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Checkout What This Teacher Was Caught Doing With His Student That Has Got People Talking (Photo)

It seems like a lot of teachers are yet to desist from illicit practices even after case of “kitchen stool” was exposed. One may say it is the fault of the student but most times, the teachers are to be blamed. Because if you checkout what this teacher was caught doing with his student that has got people talking, we will hesitate to place a strict punishment for any teacher this is found guilty of this act.

Although several measures have been put in place in order to stop this kind of indiscipline practices a month teacher and student. However, in some few hours ago, it was reported by reputable media platforms that a School teacher was allegedly having an affair with the student.

According to the confession story from the student, the teacher has slept with her for 7 times on different occasions. And the sad part of it all is that, it was even the friend of the girl that overheard the whole happenings and then exposed it to the parent, before further actions and confrontation were taken.

The girl is a student of Salvation Army Junior high school at Asaman case in the Eastern part of Ghana. The teacher whose name is Edward Adu was implicated by the 16 years old girl who authoritatively said, he has been sleeping with her in his office. If we can vividly remember that, the case of the kitchen stool saga is similar to this one, and it is better a swift is taken in order to put an to any teacher and student relationship aside educational attachments.

But the case is under investigation and we hope the truth will finally come out fully.

Photo of the teacher and student;

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