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The Video Shows How Teachers Are Really Serious About the Strike Action This Time Around

Following the strike action by the four teacher unions, their members have sent a word of caution to their leadership over receiving brides and and asking the teachers to go back to their classroom.

A video chanced on Onua TV has a teacher who was part of a panel discussing the reason for their demands sending a serious word of caution to the Leadership namely: NAGRAT, GNAT, CCT and TEWU about taking bride and calling off the strike.

According to the lady cited in the video, if upon all the suffering and hardship teachers are going through, any of their leadership have the gust to take a bride and call off the strike action, she's calling on the gods of the Land to strike that person and use their family members for thanksgiving.

A few interviews with teachers monitored on various platforms shows that this time around they indeed mean business because they are going to real hardship.

Most of them noted that they are not ready to go back to the classroom except the cost of living allowance of 20% is paid in full. Some argue that even if the government agrees to pay, they will still not go until it reflects in their salaries.

Hope the leadership of the teacher unions will not do anything like that to betray the trust their are numbers have imposed on them.

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