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Remember The Boy Who Was Rejected In Schools Because Of His Long Hair? See How He Looks Like Now

There are people who have been rejected because of something special they have and they end up feeling depressed and stop believing in themselves. 

The most important thing in this life is to believe in yourself even when others do not and to take up every challenge and turn it into a blessing.

Farouk James is one of those people who has turned rejection into a blessing. Farouk James is a special kid born with very long hair and a very handsome face. He became popular because of his long hair which he has refused to cut.

Farouk is also a model and he has signed many contracts with different modelling firms. The only sad thing about his hair is that it has got him many rejections from schools as many schools refuse to accept him because of his hair.

Even though the hair has brought him fame and popularity, it has also stopped him from going to school because most of the schools say that it goes against the rules and values of the school and it could make other students lose concentration and also start saving their hair.

Many people will take this as a challenge in life and give up but James Farouk refused to give up and turned it into a blessing. Now he's doing well. See his recent photos below

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Farouk Farouk James


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