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Social Media Reacts To A Video Of Two SHS Students Doing Bad Things After School

Day in and out social media witness gross conduct from the youth. Whereas, a fraction of the youth are fighting and striving to become relevant and useful members of society another fraction is busily displaying conducts that put their bright future in jeopardy.

Social media users were stunned by a video of young Senior High School students doing very bad things after school hours.

The male in the picture was trying to convince his female counterpart to engage in an act that can ruin both of their lives and shatter their dreams. The female who was initially reluctant to the attempts of the young man who wanted a passage into her paradise eventually gave in and engaged in the act.

Instant gratification has been proven to be a major cause of regrets, mistakes, and failures. The youth who are determined enough to sacrifice today's pleasures for tomorrow's reward has been studied by a lot of researchers as the ones who are most likely to succeed in life. 

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