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5 Famous Senior High Schools That Have Never Won The NSMQ Title

In order to stay on top, you need to be recognized by a number of achievements. This is the reason why most people say “actions speaks louder than words”.

In a competition, the best contender doesn't always end up victorious. At times, it depends on a bit of luck. 

In the case of the National Science and Math Quiz challenge, there are numerous schools that have been able to win the ultimate trophy, after beating tough competition from their colleagues. 

On the other hand, we can identify certain top-rated second cycle institutions who have never been crowned winners of the prestigious educational contest.

In today's article, we will be looking at five of these schools.

Accra Academy

They are usually referred to as the 'Bleoo' boys. 'Accra Aca' is one of the most acknowledged single sex schools in the Greater-Accra region, that is yet to win the NSMQ trophy.

The last time they came close was in 2020. In that particular year, they defeated St. Augustine's college to get to the semifinal stage of the competition, but couldn't finish the task with a major award.

Wesley Girls' SHS

When it comes to girls' schools that have been able to achieve a lot in the world of academics, you can always trust Wesley Girls' to be part of the list. Frankly speaking, they have an enviable record.

Looking at the credentials they possess, it is quite surprising how they keep struggling to get to the topmost position in the academic competition(NSMQ).

Holy Child

It is also one of the best schools in cape coast that is yet to be included in the list of winners for the NSMQ program.

They have never been to the finals of the competition, so it is difficult to tell if they will be able to attain such an achievement anytime soon.

Krobo Girls

A lot of people know them by the name 'Krogiss'. In the eastern part of the country, they are highly respected because of the popularity they are accustomed to. Divergent to this fact, they have nothing to brag about in terms of the educational program (NSMQ).

Okuapeman SHS

It is one mixed school that is widely recognized for producing some of the best public figures in Ghana. Aside the top personalities they can boast of, they have still not gotten the opportunity to grab the most important award when it comes to science and math excellence (NSMQ).

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